Attorney Search$350
Update Departs$250
Co-Op Search$350
Business Search$350
Franchise Tax$75
Full Municipal Searches (Residential)$400 (NYC/Suffolk/Upstate)
 $445 (Nassau County)
Full Municipal Searches (Commercial)$600
Judgment/Lien (No Mortgages)$50 (per name/property)
Foreclosure Search$450
Name Runs$75 (per name)
ACRIS Prep$175
Nassau/Suffolk 5217 Prep$75
Litigation Search$250
Copy of Plans$150
Extra Chain$250
Certificate of Good Standing$150
Certificate of Occupancy Search$100 (plus)
UCC Search$150
Full Search (no insurance)$350 (per lot)
Mortgage Search$150
Zoning Exhibits$500
Document Recording Handling Fee$75

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